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We began Quail + Blu with one main objective: to bring you a curated selection of all the interior finishes you need for your remodel or custom home project in one place. We’ve heard over and over from clients that they don’t want to go to half a dozen places, not knowing if what they chose at one place goes with what they chose at another place. At Quail + Blu you get to see it all together, in our boutique design store. We offer quality products at a good value, in designs that you want. In addition, our affordable in-store design services give you access to an interior designer in a unique way.

To offer a complete project solution, we partner with contractors, on-site interior designers, and appliance specialists, should you have a need for any or all of those services. We are also happy to work with professionals you may already be working with.

So what are you waiting for? Stop by and check us out today!

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Interior Design Services

Design Service

Quail + Blu is a boutique design store providing custom design solutions for your remodel or new construction projects. With unique hand-picked products, your design will be a reflection of your style and personality.

Home Design Products

Quail + Blu provides premium quality designer grade products with solutions for every budget. Come into our store for a consultation and we will help you design your room from top to bottom as unique as you are.


We proudly offer Benedettini Cabinetry. Made in Houston, Texas, this full-custom line offers a mind-boggling array of finishes, styles, and options. Whether you want to go white shaker or have something custom made for you, Benedettini offers fabulous cabinetry at a great value.
Standard options include soft close doors and drawers, solid wood dovetail drawer boxes, full extension undermount drawer guides, and ½” boxes with natural melamine interiors. Framed, frameless, and inset styles are available. To experience the cabinets in person, come check out our displays.

Cabinet Hardware

We’re often asked what is the right way do to cabinet hardware? The answer is, there is no ‘right’ way…cabinet hardware is very personal, and it can have a huge impact on the overall look of the kitchen. For instance, doing large pulls everywhere is going to make a huge statement, and make your kitchen look completely different that if you had knobs everywhere. There is no wrong or right…we’ve done so many combinations of pulls, cup pulls, and knobs, and all to great effect.

Cabinet hardware is like jewelry in the kitchen, and gone are the days of bronze, satin nickel, and chrome being your options; we have black, brass, copper, polished nickel, pewter, marble, glass…the list goes on. It’s an important finishing touch anywhere you have cabinetry.


Wondering about all your countertop choices? Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most popular choices.

Quartz: We’ve hand-selected quartz countertop options for value, quality, and design. Quartz is a low-maintenance countertop choice that doesn’t have to be sealed and comes in a large variety of styles and colors. Quartz is a natural material that is engineered to create beautiful slabs. Price points on quartz range from very affordable to more luxury options.

Quartzite: Quartzite is a natural slab material that ranges from soft to hard, and it is gorgeous! Looks range from subtle to more dramatic. Quartzite tends to have a translucent effect that is simply stunning. It’s definitely at a more luxury price point.

Granite: A natural slab material, granite tends to be busier and can have many colors in one slab. However white granites are very popular, and can be more subtle. If you’re looking for a statement countertop, you probably want to consider granite. Granite is somewhat porous, so it should be sealed once a year to protect it’s luster and help prevent staining. Many granites are very affordably price, but there are many exotic options as well.

Marble: There’s nothing like real marble, but the problem is if you spill wine or vinegar or any number of things on it, you’re done. That’s why we’re SO excited to offer a sealed granite option that comes factory sealed, never has to be sealed again, and comes with a lifetime guarantee. This special seal prevents marble’s trademark etching and staining so you can have your cake and eat it to! Price points are in the mid to luxury range.


Oh tile, we can never get enough of you. Tile is just do downright fun. We have a thing for subway, so we’ve got about a million options there. Crayon, fish scale, hexagons, herringbone, and arabesque shapes? Check, check, check, check…you get the idea. We. Love. Tile. From basic to the stunning custom Tabarka terracotta tiles, we’ve got you covered.

Plumbing Fixtures

A beautiful faucet can really finish a kitchen nicely, and a stunning bathtub can transform a bathroom. Plumbing fixtures are an important part of any kitchen or bathroom remodel, and whether you want to go for more budget-oriented options or are looking for specialty fixtures, we have great options for you.


Lighting can make a world of difference in your space! Not only the light output, but the style of the pieces as well. We have a large selection of lighting starting at excellent price points and ranging up to high-end designer fixtures.

When you’re thinking lighting, think outside the box…a pendant over a mirror instead of a vanity light, two lights over a dining table instead of one, larger scale lights to replace outdated mini-pendants, mixed finishes…the possibilities are endless.

Door Hardware

Are you a lever or a knob person? Either way we’ve got killer door hardware options for you. You can choose your rosette, knob or lever, and finish to make your own custom door hardware. Pretty sweet, right? Imagine all your door knobs have satin brass rectangular rosettes and crystal knobs…that’s a good day.


We have such a gorgeous collection of pre-finished engineered wood floors in classic and trendy colors and finishes. We love our 100% made in the USA Hearthwood floors; amazing quality, some of our absolute favorite looks, and great value. Our spectacular Colorado Mountain Collection has a super thick wear layer and just beautiful colors. And Pinnacle floors offers some fab looks for awesome prices. You have to see them in person…pictures don’t do any of our floors justice!


Maybe you want a basic carpet, or maybe you’re looking for a unique pattern or specialty carpet. We’ve got it all. Beyond style, two very important factors in carpet are the fiber, and the pad. The fiber is going to determine how the carpet wears and how easy it is to clean. The pad, more than the carpet itself, is going to determine how the carpet feels when you walk across it. Our curated carpet selection offers a range of high quality carpet in different looks and price points.

Wall Panels

Looking to kick things up a notch on your walls? Look no further than our wall panels. We’ve got primed shiplap, distressed and wood finishes, and some crazy stunning designs to bring your walls to the next level.

This is hands-down my favorite store to go to when I’m doing any home improvement project. They have a fabulous selection of items from lighting to flooring and everything in between. The staff are incredibly helpful, great designers, and go the extra mile for you.

Heidi K. Christensen

Our project turned out wonderful! Everything was seamless and smooth. I truly appreciated the direction received from the owners!

Darlene Davis

Owner is great. And great options for countertops and cabinets and what not. Love it. 10/10 would recommend to a friend

Molly Whitticker

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About Us

Quail + Blu was started by Ryan and Jen Potter. When you come in you’ll most likely see one of us…we love design and making homes a unique reflection of those who live in them! Our vision for Quail + Blu was to bring to Castle Rock a store where you could find style, quality, and value all in one place. Everything in our store has been hand picked for all those reasons.

We want the design experience to be easy and fun, and we will walk you through the process to achieve the look you’ve been wanting, but didn’t know how to achieve.

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