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Wondering about all your countertop choices? Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most popular choices.

Quartz: We’ve hand-selected quartz countertop options for value, quality, and design. Quartz is a low-maintenance countertop choice that doesn’t have to be sealed and comes in a large variety of styles and colors. Quartz is a natural material that is engineered to create beautiful slabs. Price points on quartz range from very affordable to more luxury options.

Quartzite: Quartzite is a natural slab material that ranges from soft to hard, and it is gorgeous! Looks range from subtle to more dramatic. Quartzite tends to have a translucent effect that is simply stunning. It’s definitely at a more luxury price point.

Granite: A natural slab material, granite tends to be busier and can have many colors in one slab. However white granites are very popular, and can be more subtle. If you’re looking for a statement countertop, you probably want to consider granite. Granite is somewhat porous, so it should be sealed once a year to protect it’s luster and help prevent staining. Many granites are very affordably price, but there are many exotic options as well.

Marble: There’s nothing like real marble, but the problem is if you spill wine or vinegar or any number of things on it, you’re done. That’s why we’re SO excited to offer a sealed granite option that comes factory sealed, never has to be sealed again, and comes with a lifetime guarantee. This special seal prevents marble’s trademark etching and staining so you can have your cake and eat it to! Price points are in the mid to luxury range.

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