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Kitchen Design

Is it time to remodel your kitchen? Your first reaction may be excitement, and your second may be a feeling of being overwhelmed…don’t stress, we got you. A kitchen remodel is a large investment, it takes time, and you want to be confident the end result is what you want. Quail + Blu is designed to make it easy. Firstly, we have everything in one place so you don’t have to run all over from place to place picking one thing here, another thing there. Secondly, we will work with you to put together a look that you’ll love that’s functional and beautiful. We carry materials in a range of price points that are high quality and that you can’t find everywhere else. If you want next-level design and materials, you want to come to Quail + Blu.



There are a lot of elements that go into a kitchen. We’ll often start with cabinetry, but sometimes perhaps a statement countertop or backsplash is the starting point. Besides the cabinetry, countertops, and backsplash you’ll also probably need flooring, lighting, cabinet hardware, and plumbing fixtures. Making all these elements work together to achieve a fabulous kitchen is what we do.We also work with independent partners in the construction, appliance, and on-site interior design fields so we can provide you with a complete remodel solution. Already have professionals in one or all of these areas? No problem, we are happy to work with them as well.










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Some words from our clients


Our project turned out wonderful! Everything was seamless and smooth. I truly appreciated the direction received from the owners!

Darlene Davis
Molly Whitticker

Owner is great. And great options for countertops and cabinets and what not. Love it. 10/10 would recommend to a friend.

Molly Whitticker

Kitchen Remodel & Design Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my cabinets take to arrive?

The lead time generally runs about 8 weeks, but can vary. Check with us for current lead times.

Does Quail + Blu provide labor?

The only labor Quail + Blu offers is cabinetry and countertop installation. However, we do have a referral list for clients who need someone to install our products, or who need a general contractor. Clients contract directly with the installer/contractor of their choice and not through Quail + Blu.

Can you come out to my house to design my space?

Quail + Blu offers in-store design services, but we also work with excellent interior designers who offer a variety of on-site design services. Contact us for more information.

What is Quail + Blu’s role in my project?

We design and provide your finish materials, including cabinetry, countertops, tile, lighting, cabinet and door hardware, carpet, and hardwoods.

I already have a designer/contractor/home builder…can I work with you?

Yes, absolutely! We welcome working with any professionals you’re already working with.

We’re redoing our kitchen, and I don’t know what I want to do…where do I start?

If you don’t have a clear direction of where you want to go with your remodel, start by looking at Pinterest, Houzz, or Instagram. Save pictures where you like the overall look, or a specific element you love, or pictures of kitchens you don’t like. That is all very helpful when you come in to begin your design, and it will begin to give you a direction. Take a lot of pictures of your existing kitchen, and measure your space as well as possible. Check out our Design Tools sections for help measuring your space.

How much should I budget for my remodel?

There are a lot of things to consider when budgeting for your project. Your two main categories are materials and labor. There’s a vast range of what you can spend on materials, and labor can be dependent on what type of materials you choose. Check out our budgeting tool in our Design Tools section for more detailed help with your budget.

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