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Yes, you can afford to remodel today!

Finance by Cambria®️ offers competitive short-and long-term loan options that you could qualify for in minutes. Because these loans are not secured by your home, you don’t need to wait to build equity. You could get up to $75,000 right away with no paperwork and no closing, application, or appraisal costs.

Don’t wait to get your new Cambria kitchen. Talk to the pros at
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There's no time like the present to remodel

Easy option to pay for your project

Low monthly payment

As low as 8.99%

fixed* up to $75,000

Loan Code: TFCB32

Equal monthly payments. No penalty for early payoff.

Two easy ways to apply

Use the information provided above when applying

  • Apply by phone

Contractor ID: 979
Loan Code: Listed above

Monday – Friday: 8am-1am (EST)
Saturday: 9am-9pm (EST)
Sunday: 11am-7pm (EST)

  • apply online

Program Phone Number: 1-888-740-2986
Contractor ID: 979
Loan Code: Listed above

Visualize your completed project without the distraction of worrying over the dollar amount. Finance by Cambria™ allows you to apply for up to $75,000 for all the remodel products and services your Cambria dealer offers. It’s a quick-and-easy, paperless application and you’ll receive a credit decision in minutes. Stop imagining and start planning how Cambria natural quartz surfaces will look in your home today!

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